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British American Tobacco (BAT)

British American Tobacco (BAT) has three brands of nicotine pouches: Lundgrens, VELO, and LYFT. British American Tobacco is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world and has begun focus more on the nicotine pouch segment in the last couple of years in line with its vision of producing products that offer harm-reduction compared to traditional smoking products.

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British American Tobacco (BAT) nicotine pouches

BAT is one of the key players in the segment nicotine pouches with its brand VELO which is currently one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands in the world. With its long experience and great resources, BAT manufactures high-quality nicotine pouches with a wide assortment of products that cater to every taste and preference.
In 2022, BAT announced the launch of Lundgrens all-white – a tobacco-free alternative under the Lundgrens brand which is most known for making traditional tobacco snus.
British American Tobacco (BAT) is a multinational tobacco company that has been operating since 1902, when it was founded in London, Great Britain as a merger between the British Imperial Tobacco Company and the American Tobacco Company. Today, it is the second largest tobacco company in the world, following only Philip Morris. With operations in around 180 countries, BAT has established a market-leading position in over 50 countries.
BAT acquired Fiedler & Lundgren, a Swedish snus manufacturer, in 2008. Through this acquisition, BAT was able to further its efforts of expanding its range of smoke-free and harm-reducing products.
Fiedler & Lundgren has a long and storied history, dating back to the late 18th century when a tailor in Gothenburg began producing snus. After Sweden introduced a tobacco monopoly in 1915, the company relocated to Copenhagen before eventually restarting operations in Sweden in 2002. Today, Fiedler & Lundgren produces a range of snus products and is a valued part of BAT’s portfolio.
BAT has maintained its position as a global leader in the field. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and responsible business practices, the company is constantly striving to improve and adapt to changing consumer preferences and regulations. As a result of this commitment, BAT has managed to establish itself as a key player in what is the new segment of tobacco-free nicotine pouches.