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Helwit translates from Swedish to “All-white” and is a name that perfectly describes this product. As its name suggests, Helwit is an all-white nicotine pouch that is free from tobacco. Helwit is a brand from Yoik.

The nicotine pouches are manufactured by the company in Gransholms Bruk, outside Växjö in a climate-smart factory that is self-sufficient through a hydroelectric plant located next to the factory. The company also climate compensates for its environmental impact.

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Helwit is manufactured with sustainability in focus, which means that the company’s footprint is climate compensated. In addition, the cans are made of pine oil.

Helwit has several exciting flavors such as Orange, Violet, Mocha, and Blueberry. The pouches offer a long-lasting taste and nicotine delivery. Helwit develops its flavors carefully and with care in close collaboration with taste experts. All flavors have clear and good flavors with long-lasting nicotine delivery.

Helwit’s cans are made with a minimalist and modern design that reflects the brand’s image.

What nicotine strengths does Helwit have?

Helwit uses pharmaceutical nicotine produced in a laboratory environment from a leading supplier to the pharmaceutical industry. The pouches are available with nicotine strength 2/4 (normal) up to 4/4 (extra strong), which makes them suitable for different types of users and all different preferences.

How many pouches are there in a can of Helwit?

Helwit contains 24 pouches per can.