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Normal Strength

The “normal” strength or “regular strength” is the most prevalent nicotine concentration for tobacco-free snus. The nicotine content can vary depending on the manufacturer but generally contain between 7 – 9.9 Mg/g nicotine, offering a satisfying experience without an excessively powerful nicotine kick.

Nicotine pouches with normal strength are frequently favored for daily use. As this strength is highly popular, there is an extensive variety of pouches available at this level. These normal-strength nicotine pouches come in a vast assortment of shapes, flavors, and brands. The normal strength is normally indicated as a 2 on the can.

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Normal strength

Normal-strength nicotine pouches are naturally the most popular nicotine strength as they offer a balanced nicotine hit for regular users without being too intense.

Normal-strength nicotine pouches are usually the go-to alternative as an everyday pouch for a lot of people and they may then occasionally switch things up with either stronger or weaker nicotine pouches. For those who don’t enjoy intense nicotine experiences yet are regular users, normal is the go-to choice.

Since normal is the most common nicotine strength, there is a wide selection of normal-strength nicotine pouches available from a wide selection of different brands and in many different flavors. If you are new to nicotine pouches, we recommend that you first try low-strength nicotine pouches. When talking about nicotine strength, mg/g and mg per pouch should not be confused as they mean different things and different manufacturers use different ways of indicating the nicotine strenght.