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Introducing the PMI (Philip Morris International) product category – a carefully curated collection of premium nicotine pouches from the industry-leading Philip Morris International. As a pioneer in the nicotine pouch market, PMI has consistently focused on expanding its presence and product offerings.

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PMI – Philipp Morris International nicotine pouches

In recent years, PMI has strategically invested in the nicotine pouch segment, culminating in the acquisition of Swedish Match, the Swedish snus and nicotine pouch leader, in 2023. This bold move has positioned PMI as one of the top companies in the nicotine pouch industry.

Prior to acquiring Swedish Match, PMI had already made significant strides by purchasing several other companies specializing in snus and nicotine pouches. Among these, Shiro stands out as PMI’s flagship nicotine pouch brand, further solidifying their strong market presence.

Explore our extensive selection of PMI nicotine pouches and experience the exceptional quality and innovation that has made PMI a global leader in the industry.