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Licorice Flavor

Explore our licorice category, a delightful collection of nicotine pouches infused with the rich and enticing flavors of licorice. We have handpicked a diverse assortment of licorice-flavored pouches from top brands to cater to the taste preferences of all licorice enthusiasts. These premium nicotine pouches offer an enjoyable and satisfying experience, combining the smooth, sweet, and slightly salty notes of licorice with the desired nicotine release. From mild to extra strong, the licorice-flavored pouches are available in various nicotine strengths to suit your preferences.

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Licorice nicotine pouches

Licorice nicotine pouches are a must-have for licorice lowers, offering the unique taste of licorice.

Our curated selection of licorice-flavored nicotine pouches allows you to indulge in the classic flavor while enjoying the benefits of tobacco-free snus. Browse through our “Licorice” category and discover the exciting range of licorice-infused nicotine pouches that will elevate your snus experience to new heights.

We offer licorice nicotine pouches in a selection of different nicotine strengths and from various brands so you can find your favorite. Licorice nicotine pouches are suitable for those who love the flavor of licorice and want a refreshing salty and crisp experience.