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Twinroll Service

Twinroll Service AB is a Swedish-based company that specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling quality nicotine pouches. With a mission to create innovative nicotine products and make them available worldwide, Twinroll is committed to ensuring sustainability for both its users and the planet by utilizing eco-friendly materials and ingredients that minimize their environmental footprint.

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Twinroll Service AB

Twinroll’s product portfolio includes two distinct brands of nicotine pouches, Buff 1 Up and Stockholm White. Buff 1 UP, launched in October 2022, is designed to cater to the gaming community with its unique flavors and eye-catching packaging. Meanwhile, Stockholm White pays homage to the traditional snus production process while infusing a modern twist with its Scandinavian-inspired designs and flavors.

Twinroll’s innovative solutions aim to revolutionize the nicotine industry by taking a holistic approach to their business. They recognize that the nicotine business is not a single practice but comprises several interconnected ones. By focusing on sustainability and speed to market, Twinroll hopes to change the industry landscape and create a more positive impact on the environment.

As a young company, Twinroll is rapidly expanding into various areas of the industry, both geographically and practically. They are excited to be part of an ever-changing industry and believe they have found the perfect niche to operate as a small business with exponential growth potential.