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YOIK AB is a Swedish manufacturer that produces nicotine pouches under the brand Helwit, meaning “all-white” in Swedish. They are committed to creating products that provide great taste experiences while maintaining a small climate footprint. YOIK AB works closely with some of the world’s leading taste experts to create their products.

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YOIK AB is dedicated to building a sustainable future. They have built their production to be climate-smart and self-sufficient through their hydroelectric plant located adjacent to their factory in Gransholms Bruk, outside Växjö. They also use plastic made from pine oil, an ISCC certified material that is completely fossil-free and reduces CO2 emissions from box manufacturing by over 85%. Additionally, YOIK AB works to reduce their CO2 emissions and compensate for their carbon footprint through their partnership with

YOIK AB uses high-quality nicotine to provide a longer-lasting nicotine delivery without any aftertaste. Their dedication to sustainability is reflected in their packaging as well, with their cans made from pine oil to reduce CO2 emissions from can production.

With the new brand “Helwit Concept,” YOIK AB is continually testing new consistencies, nicotine types, flavors, and packaging formats. They work closely with their customers, using their feedback and suggestions as inspiration for new product ideas. Their commitment to sustainability and dedication to providing great taste experiences make YOIK AB a manufacturer worth exploring.