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Introducing Fumi, the perfect product for those seeking the best nicotine pouch experience. Fumi is dedicated to providing the most innovative flavors on the market, carefully selected from the leading aroma houses and tested by a taste panel on a daily basis. The ambition of Fumi is to offer the market’s most exquisite taste, smell, and appearance while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Fumi works with the most distinguished flavor houses, raw materials, and paper manufacturers to ensure that Fumi delivers the absolute highest quality for the mouth, nose, and eyes. They believe that all the senses should be satisfied, and that’s why they’re committed to continuous testing and refinement to achieve absolute perfection.

Fumi comes in a nonwoven pouch co-developed by them, featuring the softest materials and the highest possible release to balance aromas and nicotine in an optimized way. The taste lasts longer and will be experienced as fresher under the lip. They test each batch at our own laboratory and send them to the Eurofins test institute to get external, certified confirmation of quality.

The non-woven paper used for the pouches is the result of intensive collaboration with leading paper manufacturers. They have finally managed to produce a soft, flexible pouch paper that doesn’t irritate your lip but simply holds your favorite flavors in place. The pouch is slightly moisturized, offering a comfortable feeling under the lip.