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XQS international AB

XQS International AB, a renowned manufacturer, specializes in producing nicotine pouches under the distinguished XQS brand. Their exceptional and mouthwatering flavors have garnered them significant recognition in the industry. The company is committed to ensuring product safety and quality, as evidenced by their rigorous testing and analysis protocols. Every week, XQS sends its products for comprehensive evaluations to confirm they surpass the established standards.

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XQS international AB

In their pursuit of excellence, XQS conducts multiple tests on each production batch and encourages customers to reach out for assistance should any issues arise. The company is also conscious of its environmental impact, demonstrated by its use of recycled plastic for their cans and labels, promoting recycling among consumers.

The company’s continuous search for environmentally sound solutions is paired with its commitment to producing high-quality, tobacco-free products. XQS offers two categories of pouches: nicotine portions and nicotine-free portions. Having begun as a nicotine and tobacco-free snus company, they expanded their range to include nicotine portions after a decade in the industry. Their unwavering focus on unique and delightful flavors has allowed them to remain competitive in the market.

XQS International AB prides itself on its customer-centric approach, striving to provide the best product and service possible. By listening to customer feedback and incorporating it into product development, they continue to create exceptional offerings. Their dedication to sustainability is apparent in their packaging, which is designed to be recyclable for a better future. XQS urges consumers to be smart and recycle their cans, emphasizing the potential for collective impact.

As pioneers in the tobacco-free pouch industry, XQS launched its first product in 2006. Leveraging their extensive experience, they remain steadfast in their mission to achieve their vision of delivering high-quality, sustainable products to customers worldwide.