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Korn is the latest addition to the market of high-quality nicotine pouches, brought to you by Grant Snus. With their motto “quality doesn’t have to be expensive,” Korn offers a range pouches with strong nicotine content and refreshing aromas, making them an ideal choice for experienced users. Each tin contains 15 pouches, ensuring that you always have a fresh supply on hand.

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Korn’s packaging is sleek and modern, resembling a can. Inside, you’ll find 15 pieces of nicotine pouches with a refreshing mint flavor. With a nicotine content of 35 mg/g (17 mg/pouch), Korn offers a powerful kick that satisfies even the most demanding of users.

The manufacturer of Korn, Kordula UAB, also produces the well-known GRANT nicotine pouches. GRANT offers a wide variety of flavors, each carefully crafted to provide a unique and satisfying experience.

Korn and GRANT share a commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients and adhering to strict manufacturing standards. Both brands are designed to deliver maximum satisfaction without compromising on safety or quality. Korn’s bold flavors and potent nicotine content make it a must-try for experienced users looking for a premium nicotine pouch experience.