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Zafari Life AB

Zafari Life AB, a distinguished manufacturer hailing from Helsingborg, Sweden, specializes in the creation of innovative nicotine pouches under their esteemed brand, Zafari. Drawing inspiration from the captivating beauty and invigorating energy of the ocean, Zafari pouches embody the essence of life on the water, whether it be riding the waves on a surfboard or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature’s elements.

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Zafari Life AB

At the core of Zafari Life AB’s mission lies a deep commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. Their groundbreaking Zafari pouches are designed with both the environment and innovation in mind. In a remarkable effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide, Zafari Life AB utilizes environmentally certified bioplastic cans made from residual pine oil, a byproduct of the paper industry.

As a result of their dedication to preserving the environment and their passion for harnessing the power of nature, Zafari Life AB’s Zafari nicotine pouches offer a unique, responsible, and eco-friendly option for consumers who appreciate both quality and environmental stewardship.