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Mini Dry Nicotine Pouches

Mini dry nicotine pouches come in the same format as the traditional mini pouches, with a smaller size that is completely discreet during use. The difference is their moistness level and the fact that they are almost completely dry, meaning that they have no or minimal drip. Mini dry pouches are suitable for those who want a completely discreet experience with no drip.

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Mini dry format

Since nicotine pouches need to be wet in order to release nicotine into the blood, they generally take slightly longer to release nicotine and don’t give the same instant rush as other nicotine pouch formats do. Most nicotine pouches have a dry surface and a slightly moist content but the content in the mini-dry format is completely dry. This format is perfect for those who are not a fan of drip as they provide a discreet nicotine experience without drip.