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We're The Future AB

We’re the Future AB is a bold and innovative manufacturer that has recently introduced three new white nicotine products, namely OMG, LOL, and OOPS. These products are a perfect fit for the social world we live in and encourage individuals to express themselves by using them in their social media comments. The OMG flavor is a unique blend of ginger, mango, and chili, while LOL offers a refreshing kiwi flavor. Additionally, the OOPS flavor provides a cool and refreshing wintermint taste.

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We’re The Future AB

We’re the Future AB aims to encourage individuals to have a say and share their experiences with the world. The brand recognizes that in a bland and boring world, individuals need to express themselves and have fun. With their unique and exciting flavors, We’re the Future AB ensures that its products are not only enjoyable but also a reflection of its consumers’ personalities.