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XR Free from tobacco

XR is one of the most popular product series from Swedish Match. XR is mainly associated with tobacco snus such as Gothenburg’s Rapé XR or General XR, but Swedish Match has now developed the first tobacco-free General snus under the name General XR free from tobacco. XR Free from Tobacco was launched by Swedish Match in January 2021.

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XR Free from tobacco

As the name suggests, this nicotine pouch is completely tobacco-free and therefore combines the best of both worlds by being a nicotine pouch for people who like the classic snus taste but also want the benefits that tobacco-free alternatives offer.

This option is perfect for people who like the taste of traditional tobacco snus but want to use a tobacco-free alternative. XR Tobacco-free has a tobacco-like taste with hints of bergamot, fruit, and licorice. It comes in a classic slim, long narrow format that is a signature of the XR series. It is dry on the surface with moist content which ensures a long-lasting flavor release with a low drip.

XR free from tobacco flavor

XR free from tobacco stands out in the market of nicotine pouches because its flavor is inspired by tobacco. Mint is the most common and popular flavor among nicotine pouches, but with this product, Swedish Match chooses to stay close to its roots and has created a nicotine pouch that is perfect for snuffers who enjoy the taste of a classic tobacco hookah but want the benefits that tobacco-free nicotine pouches offer.

How many pouches are there in a can of XR tobacco free?

XR free from tobacco contains 20 pouches per can.