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Light Strength

Light or “low” is the lowest nicotine strength in nicotine pouches. The strength is normally indicated as a 1 on the can. Light nicotine pouches are recommended for beginners or for those who just want a lighter, less intense nicotine experience. Low nicotine pouches generally contain 4mg of nicotine or less.

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Low-strength nicotine pouches

If you have a preference for nicotine pouches containing 4mg or less per pouch, low-strength nicotine pouches are for you.

On this page, you can find a wide selection of low-strength nicotine pouches containing 4mg or less of nicotine in many different flavors and from a vast selection of brands. Most brands offer lower-strength alternatives. Some of the most popular brands include VELO, ZYN, XQS, and many more.

Low-strength nicotine pouches cater to individuals seeking a pleasant nicotine experience that is not too powerful, beginners, or those who are looking to reduce their nicotine consumption.

Most brands offer a wide selection of nicotine strength, from low to extra strong, meaning you are often able to find your preferred nicotine strength from your favorite brand.