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VOLT is a brand under Swedish Match. VOLT offers a wide range of slightly stronger pouches with higher nicotine content, but also less strong alternatives.

VOLT has also developed “Pearls Technology”, which is an innovative invention in nicotine pouches where the contents are not ground or in powder form, but instead have the form of small pearls, which here is a completely unique experience and fit. The brand was launched in 2021.

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VOLT is appreciated for its exciting spirit and unique flavors that provide an experience out of the ordinary. Whilst Volt is most known for its strong nicotine pouches, the brand also offers products with a lower nicotine strength.

What is the nicotine content in Volt nicotine pouches?

Volt nicotine pouches are available in several different strengths for all preferences and users. VOLT nicotine pouches are available in strengths 1 (low) to 5 (Extra strong). The strongest alternative of all, 5 out of 5 contains 17mg/g, which is a nicotine content that tends to give even experienced users a powerful nicotine buzz.

Volt nicotine pouches format

VOLT nicotine pouches are manufactured in two formats – slim and mini.

The slim format comes in the form of an elongated pouch with a slim format that lies nicely and comfortably under the lip. Thanks to the slim format, the pouches also drip less. The mini format is a smaller format for those who prefer a discreet option that can be used completely discreetly.

Fortunately, the flavor for all mini formats is also available in slim format, so you have the option of choosing either slim or mini.

How many pouches are there in a can of Volt?

Volt contains 21 pouches per can and Volt mini contains 20 pouches per can.