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RÅÅ S AB, a company belonging to Altria and BS Group, has come a long way since its inception in 2011. Initially established as an innovation center, RÅÅ S AB quickly became a production facility for snus and nicotine pouches, with a team of around 100 employees working together to create the market’s best products.

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Råå S AB

Located in Helsingborg, Sweden, RÅÅ S AB has made a name for itself with its innovative snus products. Their flagship product, Al Capone snus, was a breakthrough in the tobacco industry as the first dry mini-portion snus to contain purified tobacco. Today, Al Capone is available in both Sweden and Japan. Råå S is most known for its nicotine pouches ON!

In recent years, RÅÅ S AB has shifted its focus towards producing tobacco-free nicotine pouches, under the brand name ON!. ON! is a portioned snus that contains nicotine as well as ingredients commonly used in food, dietary supplements, and chewing gum. The popularity of ON! has grown rapidly, with the product now available in the USA, Sweden, Japan, and Austria.

Due to the high demand for their tobacco-free products, RÅÅ S AB moved production to larger premises in Berga, Helsingborg in 2018. This expansion allowed for an increase in production capacity, resulting in a jump from one to four production lines. As a result, the company has grown from 30 to around 100 employees, working across five shifts.