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Tobacco-free nicotine pouches.


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Loop all-white nicotine pouches are manufactured by Another Snus Factory completely without tobacco.

Another Snus Factory was founded in 2019 and has the ambition to do things in a different way than the competition. This has made Loop stand out in the market with its unique but highly appreciated flavor combinations such as Jalapeno Lime, Raspberry & Licorice, and Mango.

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The pouches come in a slim format and are soft. Loop also offers mini-versions for those who prefer a completely discreet experience. Loop uses dry pouches with slightly moist contents that have a low drip.

Loop manufactures nicotine pouches in different nicotine strengths for all needs and preferences, from 2 (normal) to 4 (Extra strong) in nicotine content. Loop also has a Hyperstrong nicotine pouch with extra high nicotine content. If you want a fresh mint experience, maybe Loop Mint Mania is for you. If you want something completely different, their Jalapeno lime is an extremely popular flavor.

Fast and long-lasting nicotine effect with Instant RushTM

Loop is manufactured with the innovative Instant RushTM technology that generates a quick nicotine kick and ensures a long-lasting nicotine release.

The world’s first climate-smart can

Loop comes with the world’s first environmentally friendly can that they call PlantCanTM. The box is made with more than 50% plant-based material and the rest of the material is recycled plastic. This ensures that the environmental impact is as low as possible.

How many pouches are there in a box of Loop?

Loop contains 24 pouches per can and Loop Mini contains 20 pouches per can.