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Skruf Super White

Skruf is a well-known brand in the snus market. Skruf is synonymous with traditional tobacco snus but with its Skruf Super white product line, they offer the same high quality but in a tobacco-free format.

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Skruf Super White

Skruf snus is owned by the tobacco company Imperial Tobacco.

Skruf also manufactures nicotine pouches under the Zone X brand, which is the company’s main focus on nicotine pouches.

Skruf Super white is available both in portion (large) format and slim format. The pouches are dry with a moist content which gives a long-lasting taste and release of nicotine. It is Skruf’s tobacco-free cousin to their classic Skruf. They have fresh flavorings such as mint and plump berries. It is intended to be a “spin-off” of their classic and highly valued tobacco snus. If you’re a fan of Skruf’s snus but prefer a fresher alternative that’s completely tobacco-free and won’t stain your teeth, then Skruf Super White is a great option.

What nicotine strength is Skruf super white in?

Skruf super white is available in strengths 2/4 up to 5/5 to suit all different nicotine strength preferences.

How many pouches are there in a can of Skruf super white?

Skruf super white contains 24 pouches per can.