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Strong Strength

Nicotine pouches with strong nicotine strength are suitable for those who find the normal strength a bit too weak and want a more intense nicotine experience. Strong nicotine pouches generally contain 10-15mg/g of nicotine.

Strong nicotine pouches are advised for experienced users or less experienced users who occasionally want to break up the monotony and occasionally get an extra buzz.

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Strong nicotine pouches

Strong nicotine pouches are normally indicated as three dots on the can if the manufacturer uses a scale system to indicate the strength.

Many manufacturers offer at least three strengths, low, normal, and strong which allow them to cater to all kinds of preferences. Strong nicotine pouches sit between normal and extra strong and are suitable for those who want a more intense nicotine experience than normal strength but a less powerful hit than extra strong.

It’s important to note that different manufacturers use different ways of indicating strength. Some use mg/g, some mg/pouch, and others indicate the strength with a scale system or exclusively with terms, such as “strong”. Since different manufacturers use different systems, a nicotine pouch that is indicated as “strong” may contain as much nicotine as one from a different manufacturer that is classified as “normal” or even “extra strong”. It is therefore important to read the nicotine content, either in mg/g or mg/per pouch, and make sure you compare the same measurements. You can find the nicotine content in each product description on Swenico so you can make an informed decision.

Strong nicotine pouches from Swenico

At Swenico, you can find a wide selection of strong nicotine pouches from many different brands in a vast selection of flavors and formats.