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Cuba, manufactured by Nicotobacco, is a nicotine pouch brand that has become synonymous with quality and expertise. Nicotobacco is one of the leading suppliers of nicotine pouches in Poland and also manufactures Cuba’s sister brand, Baron. Cuba offers a range of refreshing mint flavors.

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At Cuba, every employee is an artist and brings their unique skills and expertise to every stage of production. Each component used in the preparation of our products is certified and rigorously tested by their specialists and experts. The current composition of their product is the result of a long search for the finest ingredients, specialists and their unwavering desire to create more than just a product that people will buy. They add a special ingredient to all of their products – love for what they do. It’s not a secret ingredient, but it is one that they’re proud to use, and it’s what sets them apart.

Cuba nicotine pouches come in a range of strengths and flavours to suit every preference. Choose from 4mg, 16mg, 30mg, and 43mg and enjoy the refreshing taste of mint with every pouch. With Cuba, you can be sure of a high-quality nicotine experience that delivers on taste, quality, and satisfaction.