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Habit Factory

Habit Factory is a manufacturer based in Stockholm, Sweden that is anything but ordinary. The company’s drive is to challenge convention, predictability, and all established rules. Habit Factory’s story began when a group of former snus users decided to create their own great-tasting nicotine pouches that are completely free from tobacco, and they did it with passion and dedication.

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Habit Factory

The company’s first brand, KLINT, is made from the best quality ingredients and crafted with 100% passion in their state-of-the-art factory. Habit Factory takes pride in being in full control of the production process, from analyzing the raw materials to developing new and exciting flavors for their products. With their tailor-made quality control program and compliance with food safety and hygiene regulations, they provide premium quality products that never disappoint.

The heart and soul of Habit Factory lies in its fully equipped and modern laboratory, which is the base for their Research and Development department. Here, they analyze all the raw materials, control nicotine concentrations, and examine the nicotine release of their products. They work with premier aroma and flavor manufacturers in Europe to develop new and exciting flavors for their products.

Habit Factory aims to continue improving and adapting, with a commitment to providing innovative product formulations that satisfy their consumers’ needs. They want their consumers to expect the impossible from them, so they can continue challenging the conventional and predictable in the nicotine pouch category.