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Looking for a safer nicotine substitute to help decrease or quit harmful tobacco products? Look no further than Nicopods EHF (ICE), the first and only Icelandic company to produce nicotine pouches. Their enthusiastic and ambitious team is dedicated to creating a superior product made from high quality ingredients, including nicotine, filler, salt, Xylitol, acidity regulator, flavourings, emulsifier, preservative, and gelling agent.

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What sets ICE apart is their commitment to offering a wide variety of flavours to suit every personal preference. Whether you’re a fan of fruity flavours or prefer something more classic, ICE has something for you. They’re always developing new and exciting flavours, so be sure to check out their product lineup to see what’s on offer.

ICE nicotine pouches are manufactured exclusively in Iceland, with a focus on creating pouches of the highest quality. Inspired by Iceland’s stunning natural landscape, their tobacco-free Snus offer unique and exciting flavours that are sure to delight.