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A Beginner’s Guide to Nicotine Pouches – What you Should Know

Are you new to nicotine pouches? Maybe you have previously used tobacco snus and see nicotine pouches as a better alternative?

Whether you have just started using nicotine pouches or are curious about what they are, we will go over the basics of nicotine pouches and what you should know when using them.

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are also known as white snus, tobacco-free snus, nicopods, all white snus, nicotine pouches, white portion, and much more. Nicotine pouches are similar to classic tobacco snus in many ways and are used in exactly the same way. Nicotine pouches come in the form of small pouches that are placed under the upper lip. They can be used for up to 60 minutes and during this time, they release nicotine into the blood. They also release flavor, which affects the overall experience.

Unlike tobacco snus, nicotine pouches are completely tobacco-free and instead contain plant fiber. This makes the pouches white before, during, and after use. For this reason, nicotine pouches do not stain the teeth, are fresher and have many more attractive benefits compared to tobacco snus, according to many.

Here are the most important things you should know about nicotine pouches and their use.

Nicotine pouches exist in a wide array of flavors

Nicotine pouches come in a huge variety of different flavors, much larger than tobacco snus. This is because the plant fiber used, instead of tobacco, is tasteless, providing greater opportunities for flavoring. Tobacco snus comes with different flavorings, but the flavoring is limited by the flavors of the tobacco that must be considered to create a good overall flavor that blends well with the tobacco.

Nicotine pouches come in all different types of flavors, from fresh berry flavors like raspberry and blueberry to citrus flavors like lemon and orange. They also come in fresh fruit flavors like apple, kiwi, and passion fruit. In addition to fruit flavors, there is a wide range of fresh mint flavors like menthol and mint, which is the most common flavor. If you’re looking for a more unique flavor experience, there are flavors like coffee, Jalapeño lime, raspberry licorice, or daiquiri.

Nicotine pouches exist in multiple formats

Another thing you should know is that nicotine pouches come in several different formats. Nicotine pouches are most commonly found in the portion/normal, slim, and mini formats. Slim is the most common portion format where the pouch is elongated and slimmed for a better fit under the lip and more discreet.

Portion/normal/large is the largest pouch and resembles a regular large pouch for tobacco snus. Due to their larger size, they are less discreet but last longer and provide a larger experience.

Finally, the mini-format has also become increasingly popular, meaning the pouch comes in a smaller size. The main reason people choose the mini-format is that they are completely discreet and cannot be seen when using them. If you want to avoid a bulge on your lip and to not show that you have a pouch while speaking or smiling, then you can choose the mini-format.

Our recommendation is also to choose the mini-format if you are a beginner, and then try the different formats to find the one that suits you best.

Nicotine pouches exist in different nicotine strengths

Another important aspect to know is that nicotine pouches come in a wide range of nicotine strengths. Nicotine strength is usually indicated on the can on a scale of one to four or one to five. One is of course the weakest nicotine strength known as “low,” and four or five is classified as extra strong.

The stronger the nicotine strength you choose, the greater the nicotine experience. Many manufacturers make the same flavor in several nicotine strengths, so you can easily find your favorite strength for your favorite pouch. Of course, you can also vary between different nicotine strengths depending on the occasion. Some users, for example, may use “normal” during the day and choose a slightly stronger pouch for an extra nicotine kick in the morning and evening.

Begin with a weaker nicotine strängt in the beginning

To continue on the topic of nicotine pouches, our recommendation is that you should start with a weak nicotine strength in the beginning. If you are a beginner to nicotine pouches and are generally unfamiliar with nicotine, you should choose a nicotine strength of one or two (normal). If you choose a too-strong nicotine strength, there is a risk of becoming nauseous and dizzy, which negatively impacts your experience.

Start with a lower nicotine strength and then try different strengths to find the one that fits you best. Beginners often get the same nicotine experience from a weaker nicotine pouch as a more experienced nicotine user. This is because the body builds up a tolerance to nicotine over time.

Use the pouch for up to 60 minutes

Different manufacturers and brands give different advice for how long to use a pouch. Some say 30 minutes, others 40 minutes, and some 60 minutes.

However, the starting point is that you can use a nicotine pouch for as long or as short as you want. The important thing is that you do what you prefer and gives you the most comfort.

Over time, the nicotine pouch will start to run more under the lip, and the nicotine kick will not be experienced as clearly. If you use the pouch even longer, the taste will eventually fade. Change the pouch when you feel like it and use them as short or as long as you want.

Some choose to only use the pouch for a short time because they dislike the run. Although nicotine pouches run less than tobacco snus because they are drier, they will start to run over time. You can either swallow or spit out the run, or take out the pouch and insert a new one.

Expect a tingling sensation when putting it in

Shortly after placing a pouch, you may feel a tingling or prickling sensation under your lip. You need not worry, this is a sign that the nicotine is being released and absorbed into the bloodstream.

The intensity of this feeling depends on your level of experience and the type of nicotine pouch you are using. This sensation is often intensified if you are using a cool mint flavor. For most people, this sensation lasts for up to 15 minutes before transitioning into a stable release of nicotine and flavors.

The majority of the nicotine will not be absorbed during use

Studies have shown that only about 20% of the pouch’s nicotine is absorbed during use. With that said, the nicotine pouch continues to release nicotine throughout the time you use it. However, the clearest nicotine kick is experienced during the beginning of use.

Nicotine pouches should not be chewed or sucked on

Nicotine pouches are intended to be used orally and placed under the lip. Once the nicotine pouch is under the lip, it releases nicotine into the bloodstream. It is not recommended to suck or chew on the nicotine pouches. The absorption of nicotine is significantly lower in the stomach than when it is under the lip.

You should also not swallow the nicotine pouches. If you accidentally swallowed a nicotine pouch, there is no harm. Since nicotine is absorbed to a lesser extent by the stomach and nicotine pouches, in addition, use common food ingredients such as sweeteners and flavors, there is no risk. However, plant fibers cannot be broken down in the stomach. You should not make it a habit to swallow nicotine pouches and they should be thrown in the trash or in the lid of the can when you are finished.


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