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Best Nicotine Pouches with Licorice Flavor

Swenico is a store that provides a wide variety of nicotine pouches, catering to different preferences with a range of flavors, strengths, and formats. One flavor that tends to spark divided opinions among consumers is Licorice. While some people enjoy the distinct taste of licorice, others may not find it appealing. To cater to licorice flavor enthusiasts, Swenico has curated a selection of the best nicotine pouches with a licorice flavor. These pouches offer a unique licorice experience for those who appreciate its distinctive taste.

What is Licorice Flavor?

Licorice has a distinct and polarizing taste that can be described as bold, sweet, and slightly herbal. It is characterized by its prominent anise flavor, which resembles the taste of black licorice candies. The flavor can be intense, with a hint of bitterness and a subtle earthy undertone. Licorice has a rich and complex profile that some people find quite enjoyable, while others may find it overpowering or acquired. Its unique taste sets it apart from other flavors and contributes to its divisive nature among consumers.

Sweden, a country with a significant number of nicotine pouch users and manufacturers, has developed a notable affinity for licorice flavor. Licorice-flavored products, including nicotine pouches, have gained popularity among Swedish consumers. Licorice holds a special place in Swedish culture and cuisine, with licorice candies and treats being widely enjoyed. This cultural appreciation for licorice has translated into the preferences of nicotine pouch users in Sweden. Many Swedish nicotine pouch enthusiasts have embraced licorice as one of their favored flavors, contributing to its popularity and availability within the Swedish market.

Klint Liquorice #1 Slim 4mg


Experience a heightened level of nicotine satisfaction with KLINT, the premium all-white nicotine pouch. Each can of KLINT contains 24 slim portions, weighing 0.7g each, and offers a mild nicotine strength of 4mg per pouch. This makes KLINT an ideal choice for those seeking a light yet fulfilling experience. The addition of licorice flavor provides a unique and delightful twist to your nicotine enjoyment.

HABIT FACTORY, the team behind KLINT, is committed to constant innovation in flavor profiles and product development. Their dedicated focus on delivering an exceptional nicotine pouch experience ensures that each KLINT pouch is expertly crafted with utmost care. Embrace the freedom of nicotine enjoyment with KLINT and discover the perfect fusion of convenience and taste.

On! Licorice 3mg Mini All White

On! Licorice 3 mg

Indulge in the refreshing and delightful licorice flavor of On! Licorice. Designed with a discreet mini portion size, these pouches fit snugly under your lip, ensuring a subtle and inconspicuous experience. Each can of On! Licorice contains 20 pouches, providing a nicotine strength of 3.5mg per pouch. The pleasing combination of sweet and slightly bitter notes in the licorice flavor is guaranteed to satisfy any enthusiast.

Skruf Nordic Liquorice #56

Skruf Nordic Liquorice #56

Presenting Skruf Licorice, a remarkable nicotine pouch option for those seeking a satisfying licorice flavor. The Skruf Slim collection is designed to provide discretion, with a focus on minimizing runniness and maximizing flavor retention. This ensures a pleasant and long-lasting experience that competes favorably with other offerings in the market. Skruf Licorice offers a crisp and refreshing licorice taste that will appeal to licorice enthusiasts, making it a great choice for those in search of a licorice-flavored nicotine pouch option.

Stockholm White Licorice Root 4mg

Stockholm White Licorice Root 4mg

Experience the perfect fusion of licorice flavor with a tantalizing hint of spicy chili and a harmonious touch of balanced sweetness in this unique pouch. Designed for licorice aficionados, it is a must-try for anyone who craves the delightful combination of sweet and spicy tastes. If you have yet to indulge in the deliciousness of licorice pouches, we highly encourage you to embark on your journey with this exceptional offering. Prepare to be captivated by the exquisite blend of flavors that this pouch delivers.

VELO Liquorice Strong Slim

Experience the bold and distinctive licorice flavor of VELO Liquorice Strong Slim, a tobacco-free nicotine pouch. This innovative product brings together the indulgent and velvety notes of anise, salmiac, and caramel, creating a truly unique and gratifying experience for licorice enthusiasts. The pouches are crafted using natural fibers sourced from eucalyptus and pine, ensuring a comfortable and eco-friendly experience. Infused with a nicotine extract derived from tobacco, VELO Liquorice Strong Slim offers a satisfying nicotine kick alongside its delectable licorice taste. Explore the world of VELO Liquorice Strong Slim and discover a tobacco-free nicotine pouch that delivers both flavor and enjoyment.

Licorice Flavored Nicotine Pouches in Conclusion

Licorice-flavored nicotine pouches tend to generate divided opinions worldwide. However, if you are a licorice fan or eager to explore popular Swedish choices, we highly recommend exploring the aforementioned products.

While the flavors of these pouches may vary slightly due to different manufacturers, they generally share similarities. Therefore, we suggest selecting a brand you are already familiar with or choosing a visually appealing can of nicotine pouches.

If you have any questions about our extensive selection of nicotine pouches, our customer support team is ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and we’ll provide prompt and helpful responses to your inquiries.


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