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How Many Nicotine Pouches can you use at the Same Time?

How Many Nicotine Pouches can you use at the Same Time?

Sometimes, the urge to use more than one nicotine pouch under the lip at the same time can be something that is tempting. A common thought or question is then how many nicotine pouches can be used at once, and if it is dangerous to use more than one nicotine pouch under the lip.

A nicotine kick is something that everyone is affected by after a certain intake of nicotine. Where the limit for nicotine intake goes is highly individual and is one of the reasons why different nicotine pouch manufacturers offer different nicotine pouches in different strengths. What actually happens when more than one nicotine pouch is used under the lip is that the nicotine intake becomes greater. Therefore, some more experienced snus users may after a while need to stack two, or sometimes several, nicotine pouches under the lip to get a nicotine kick.

If you typically use a medium-strength nicotine pouch and are looking for a higher dose of nicotine, it is usually most common to switch to a stronger nicotine pouch with a higher strength. However, it can of course be convenient, and perhaps the only possible solution at a given moment is to stack two or more nicotine pouches of the sort you usually use on top of each other right there and then.


It is usually said that a nicotine pouch on each side of the lip is what should be used. This actually has to do with it being the most comfortable way to distribute the nicotine pouches in the mouth if more than one is used at the same time. Another common method is to stack two of them on top of each other so that the nicotine pouch becomes double the height, and then place it under the lip.


To draw some kind of line, which actually doesn’t exist, another possible solution is to stack two pouches of nicotine on top of each other and then place them on each side under the lip. This way, a total of four pouches of nicotine can be used at the same time.

Is it dangerous to use more than one nicotine pouch at the same time?

The short answer is that it is not dangerous, but can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. If you are used to a certain amount of nicotine intake per use, and then double or even more, the nicotine kick may be stronger than usual. As you have probably experienced before, the nicotine kick is usually something that is very short-lived and can sometimes create a tingling sensation in the body. Therefore, if the kick is stronger than you are used to, it may feel a bit uncomfortable, but it is not dangerous.
We at Swenico recommend that one nicotine pouch should be used under the lip at a time, and no more than that. Inexperienced nicotine users should use nicotine pouches with a weaker strength initially, and then increase strength if necessary.


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