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How much Nicotine is in Velo Nicotine Pouches?

VELO nicotine pouches

Velo is one of the oldest – and most popular brands of nicotine pouches today. The company has invested heavily in research and development and consistently improved and updated its range of products to cater to a wide range of customer preferences.

The market for nicotine pouches is still relatively young but still, companies like Velo have quickly understood the need for a wide selection of products, predominantly related to different flavors and nicotine strength, so that everyone can find their favorite.

This leads us to a very important question that is frequently asked: how much nicotine is in Velo nicotine pouches.

The nicotine strength is of utmost importance in a nicotine pouch as it can make or break your experience. A too strong nicotine strength can cause dizziness and discomfort whilst a too weak nicotine strength may not give any noticeable effect at all. Therefore, knowing your preference and choosing accordingly is key to an enjoyable experience. 

Fortunately, the good news is that Velo offers a wide range of nicotine strength in its pouches. Whether you’re a novice looking for a mild nicotine experience or an experienced user who want a powerful nicotine buzz, Velo has just the pouch for you.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Velo’s selection of nicotine strengths and more importantly, discuss key aspects when considering nicotine strengths in nicotine pouches.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

What is Velo?

Velo is one of the leading brands of tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Velo is also one of the oldest markets with its roots dating back to 2015. In 2015, the Swedish Company Winnington launched Epok – the world’s first all-white snus. This product became the precursor to nicotine pouches as it contained tobacco like traditional Swedish snus – but which has been washed to become completely white.

The tobacco giant British American Tobacco – BAT, saw potential in this innovative product and acquired the company in January 2017. Epok underwent a complete revision following the acquisition where BAT removed the tobacco altogether and launched its first nicotine pouch under the brand name ”Lyft” in 2018.

In some international markets, BAT began using the name ”Velo” and in 2022, the company decided that it would use the same brand name across all markets to create a more recognizable brand – VELO.

Since then, Velo has consistently launched new flavors, variants, and nicotine strengths to give consumers the ability to explore and discover new favorites. Today, Velo offers a vast selection to choose from.

All Velo pouches are free from tobacco and offer a discreet, convenient, and smoke-free nicotine alternative.

Being one of the first nicotine pouch brands on the market – and being led by BAT, an extremely resource-rich and experienced company in the nicotine space  – it’s easy to see why Velo has managed to become one of the leaders in this growing segment.

Understanding Nicotine Strengths in nicotine pouches

Before we look at the nicotine strengths in Velo’s nicotine pouches, we first need to understand nicotine strengths and how they work.

First and foremost, the nicotine content in and of itself is not the only factor that affects the nicotine experience and perceived nicotine strength. Factors like moistness level, pH-level, flavor, and the size of the pouch are all factors that may impact how strong pouch is perceived.

For example, a moist nicotine pouch with a nicotine strength of 8mg per pouch may actually be perceived as stronger than a dry pouch with a fruit flavor and a nicotine content of 10mg per pouch. It its therefore very important to understand that several factors affect the nicotine experience when making your pick.

Secondly, different brands and manufacturers have different ways of indicating the nicotine strength which can sometimes be quite confusing.  There are four key methods of indicating the strengths that different manufacturers use:

  • A grading system between 1 to 5 or 1 to 4 (indicated with dots or numbers)
  • Using different words such as ”Low”, ”Light”, ”Normal”, ”Strong”, ”Extra strong”, and so on
  • Presenting the nicotine content in mg per pouch
  • Presenting the nicotine content in mg/g

Worth pointing out is that some manufacturers use two or even three of these to provide information about the nicotine strength.

To understand nicotine strengths, it is crucial to understand the difference between each of these methods.

The biggest misunderstanding and confusion we see is that between mg/g and mg/pouch. These are not the same whilst they are mistaken as such. Mg/g indicates the mg of nicotine per 1 gram of product. Since mot pouches weight less than 1 gran, usually ranging from between 0.4 to 0.7 grams, this means that the mg/pouch is almost always higher.

Mg/pouch is, in our opinion, the best and most understandable indicator of nicotine strength. This is because consumers can easily understand how much nicotine is in each serving, i.e pouch. This makes it very simple to understand how much nicotine you have actually consumed.

How Much Nicotine is in Velo Nicotine Pouches?

VELO Nicotine pouch strength

There is not just one answer to this question since Velo now offers a wide range of nicotine strength in its product offerings to cater to everyone’s preferences.

The lowest nicotine strength offered by Velo is with its Easy Mint Mini. This product has a nicotine strength of 4mg per pouch indicated as 1 of 4 dots on the can. The strongest nicotine strength currently offered by Velo is its Freeze Max which contains a nicotine strength of 17mg/pouch, indicated as 6 of 6 dots on the can.

As you can see, the range of nicotine strengths offered by Velo is very wide.

Let’s have a closer look at the range of nicotine strengths offered by Velo.

4 mg/pouch: The lowest nicotine strength (1/4 dots)

Velo currently only offers one nicotine pouch with a one-dot nicotine strength, namely Easy Mint Mini.

With a nicotine strength of 8mg/g or 4mg per pouch, it is Velo’s lowest nicotine strength, targeted to users who prefer a mild nicotine experience, including those who are new to nicotine pouches.

If it is your first time trying nicotine pouches, it is advised to start with Velo’s lowest nicotine strength.

6 mg/pouch: The ”normal” nicotine strength (2/4 dots)

Velo offers multiple products with a ”normal” nicotine strength. The normal nicotine strength is popular amongst those who want a moderate yet stable nicotine delivery that is neither too strong, nor too weak. The normal nicotine strength is popular as ”everyday use” by a lot of people so as to get a consistent yet non-intrusive nicotine experience.

These nicotine pouches have a nicotine strength of 6mg per pouch, or 8mg/g. Note that whilst it has the same nicotine strength in terms of mg/g as the lowest nicotine strength option, the latter only comes in a mini format, which means that the nicotine per pouch is lower.

Some of the options with a normal nicotine strength include:

  • Velo mint Slim
  • Velo Tropic Breeze Slim
  • Velo Ruby Berry Slim
  • Velo Royal Tea Slim

10mg/pouch: Strong (3/4 dots)

Velo’s ”Strong” nicotine pouches have a nicotine strength of 10mg per pouch, or 14mg/g. These pouches are suitable for more experienced users who prefer a more intense nicotine experience.

Some of the options with Strong nicotine strength include:

  • Velo Ice Cool Strong
  • Velo Liquorice Strong
  • Velo Royal Purple Slim Strong
  • Velo Frosty Grapefruit Strong
  • Velo Fresh Jalapeno Strong
  • Velo Elderflower Spritz Strong
  • Velo Carribean Spirit Strong

10.9mg/pouch: X-strong (4/4 dots)

Velo’s X-strong nicotine pouches have a nicotine strength of 15,6mg/g, or 10.9mg/pouch. It is slightly stronger than the ”Strong” but more importantly, Velo has opted to focus exclusively on mint flavors for this category, which leads to a more intense overall experience. For that reason, despite the difference not being huge, the X-strong pouches will, with their mint flavors, lead to a more intense experience which causes them to be perceived as stronger.

Velo X-Strong is suitable for those who want a pronounced and intense nicotine experience.

Some of the options with Strong nicotine strength include:

  • Velo Cool Storm X-Strong
  • Velo Freeze X-Strong
  • Velo Eucalyptus X-Strong

14 mg/pouch: Ultra strong (5/5 dots)

Previously, Velo’s strongest option for nicotine pouches was X-Strong. However, in 2022, the company added two stronger options after listening to what the market wanted.

Velo’s Ultra Strong is only advised for experienced users who are used to strong levels of nicotine and who want a powerful and intense nicotine buzz.

Velo’s Ultra Strong currently only exists in one flavor, ”Velo Freeze Slim Ultra” which has an intense mint flavor that further intensifies the nicotine experience.

The Ultra Strength has a nicotine strength of 14mg/pouch or 20mg/g.

17 mg/pouch: Max strength (6/6 dots)

Velo’s strongest option in terms of nicotine is the MAX. Like the ultra, it is currently only available in one flavor, which is ”Freeze”, with an intense mint flavor.

This nicotine pouch has a nicotine strength of 17mg/pouch, or 24mg/g, making it extremely strong and therefore only recommended for experienced users.

All in all, as you can see, Velo offers a wide selection of nicotine strengths to cater to all kinds of different preferences. Whether you are a novice looking for a mild nicotine experience or a seasoned user who want a powerful nicotine buzz, Velo has it. And this is certainly one of the reasons why Velo has managed to become so popular in the last couple of years.

Choosing the Right Nicotine Pouch

Now that you know the nicotine pouches available to you, it’s time to discuss how you make your pick.

As we discussed earlier, the nicotine content is not the only factor that affects the nicotine experience. This is very important to point out. It is also worth considering things like moistness, pH-level, and flavor. In general, mint flavors tends to intensify the experience and make pouches feel stronger than they actually are. Therefore, if you normally use, for example, fruit flavors, a pouch with a mint flavor yet lower nicotine strength may be perfectly satisfactory.

The general advice for making your pick when you are unsure is to always choose a lower nicotine strength. This is because a too-strong nicotine strength can cause an unpleasant experience, whereas with a too-weak pouch will only go unnoticed.


As we reach the end of this article, it’s safe to conclude that Velo offers a wide range of nicotine strengths to cater to all kinds of preferences, whether for novice beginners or seasoned users.

Velo’s vast selection of nicotine strengths makes it easy for users to find the nicotine strength that they prefer the most, but also switch it up sometimes to get a more or less intense experience depending on the occasion and mood.

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