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How to use Nicotine Pouches – Complete Guide

nicotine pouches

Using nicotine pouches is super easy! Nicotine pouches are used in exactly the same way as traditional tobacco snuff and are placed orally under the upper lip.

Let’s go through the steps for using nicotine pouches – all white snus, tobacco-free snus, white snus, and any other terms used to describe this product.

In summary, nicotine pouches are used as follows:

  1. Open the can and take a pouch
  2. Place the pouch under the upper lip on each side. The pouch should be placed on either side. The pouch should be placed on the side of the Lip band, the so-called upper median labial frenulum.
  3. Use the pouch for as long as you want – normally up to 1 hour
  4. Remove the pouch when you are finished and place it in the lid of the can or in a trash can.

1. Open the can and take a pouch

This point is very straightforward. Choose from a large number of brands, flavors, and varieties. Nicotine pouches are available in a wide range of strengths and flavors for all preferences.

2. Place the pouch under the upper lip

The pouch should be placed at the upper lip on either the right or the left side. The pouch should not be placed “in the middle” because of the lip band, the so-called upper median labial frenulum, which means that the pouch is not ideally placed there. Placing the pouch there can feel uncomfortable and is something you should avoid.

Whether you choose to place the pouch on the right or the left side is entirely up to you and mainly a matter of habit. Generally speaking, right-handed people tend to place the pouch on the right side and left-handed people on the left side out of habit. Of course, you can also vary between the right and left side if you prefer. Some individuals who snus a lot often switch sides because constant snus can create some mechanical “wear and tear” on the gum tissue”. By switching sides, you can avoid constantly “wearing” on one side and let each side rest a little.

Some people use several nicotine pouches at the same time. The primary purpose of this is to get a higher nicotine dose. Those who use several pouches usually place a pouch on each side. Some may also “stack” two or more pouches on each other and snus on one side only. This is mostly a matter of habit and a preference for having something “solid” under the lip.

It’s often easier to choose a nicotine pouch with a higher nicotine content instead of using multiple pouches at once. This also allows for more discreet use compared to having multiple pouches in at once.

Before placing the pouch under the lip, many people choose to “fluff” the pouch. This is because the pouch is often uneven when taken out of the can. The contents of the pouch are then distributed more evenly and better, making it more comfortable under the lip.

3. Use the pouch as long as you want

Different manufacturers have different recommendations for how long you should keep the pouch in, but overall the recommendation is to keep it in for up to 30-50 minutes. Most people usually keep the pouches in for somewhere between 10 and 50 minutes. Some have the habit of changing pouches often, while others change much more frequently.

This is primarily a matter of habit, but the nicotine pouch also releases the most nicotine at the beginning when it is inserted. If you want a stronger nicotine kick and enhanced experience, you can change the pouch more often. It normally takes a few minutes for the nicotine in the pouch to be absorbed into the bloodstream and start working.

If you want the pouch to drip a little more, you can also moisten it with your tongue. After a while, the pouch will lose its flavor and its nicotine effect will decrease, making it time to change the pouch.

4. Remove the pouch and discard it

Nearly all nicotine pouch cans have a snap-on lid or what some refer to as a “dump.” The purpose of this is so that you can easily dispose of the used pouch when there is no trash can nearby.

Different snap-on lids can hold different numbers of used pouches depending on the design of the can. However, no can can hold all the pouches after they have been used. In general, this is not a problem because many people will not only throw their pouches in the snap-on lid. It’s not uncommon to go by a trash can and throw your pouch there. But if the snap-on lid gets full before the can is empty, you can empty it in a paper trash bin.

When the can is empty, you should recycle it. Almost all nicotine pouch cans should be placed in plastic recycling. You can often find information on how to dispose of the can on the back. Note that the pouches should not be placed in recycling. The paper for the pouches is made with a binder that makes them not recyclable.

Can you keep the nicotine pouch under the lower lip?

Yes, you can place nicotine pouches or snus in your lower lip, but this is not recommended. Very few people actively use nicotine pouches by placing them in the lower lip. The reason for this is that saliva accumulates significantly more in the lower lip than in the upper lip. Since nicotine pouches are generally made to run less, this is not ideal. The best nicotine pouch experience is achieved by placing the pouch in the upper lip.


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