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How to use On! Nicotine Pouches

How to use On! Nicotine Pouches

On! Is one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands on the market today. On! exists on most markets around the world but has a particularly strong presence and popularity in North American due to a strong focus on this market, coupled with the fact that it was one of the first brands to enter this segment in the US.

Nicotine Pouches, including On! have grown tremendously in popularity over the last couple of years as more people discover this relatively new segment of smoke-free oral pouches.

But because nicotine pouches are a relatively new product on the market, only beginning to appear in around 2014 and 2015, there are a lot of people who are unfamiliar with this product, how it works, and how you use it.

If you’ve come across On! Nicotine pouches and are curious about how you use them, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will take a closer look at On! Nicotine pouches and how you use them.

Introduction to On! Nicotine pouches

Before diving into the practical aspects of how to use On! Nicotine Pouches, it’s important to understand what these products are. 

On! Nicotine pouches are smoke-free oral pouches that provide a novel way for adults to consume nicotine, offering a variety of flavors and strengths to suit a range of preferences. 

On! is a product of Altria, a major player in the nicotine industry. On! comes in the form of small, dry, and all-white pouches that are placed under the upper against the gum.

On! Nicotine Pouches contain plant fiber, nicotine, flavoring, and other food-grade ingredients. The main ingredient, in terms of volume, is plant fiber which gives the pouch its desired shape, fit, and properties. Since there’s no leaves in these products, manufacturers looked at an alternative ingredient to use in the pouches and plant fiber was found to be the most suitable for this product.

Flavor and Nicotine Content

On! Nicotine Pouches come in a variety of flavors to suit different palates, including options such as peppermint, black cherry, coffee, citrus, among many others. The wide selection of flavors from On! gives you lots of options regardless of your taste and preference, regardless if you prefer a cooling and refreshing mint flavor or a sweet and juicy flavor.

In terms of nicotine strength, On! has paid attention to different preferences. 

On! Offers three nicotine strengths for its products: 3mg, 6mg, and 9mg per pouch. This allows users to select a strength that aligns with their personal needs and goals.

How to use On! Nicotine pouches

1. Opening the can

Most nicotine pouches come in a round can which is the traditional can that has been used for many decades for traditional oral products. However, On! has decided to take a different approach and uses a rectangular can which is slim and convenient. 

To use On!, begin by opening the container. The container is opened from the top lid and on the bottom, there’s a small storage compartment where you can place your used pouches.

2. Positioning the Pouch

To use an On! Nicotine Pouch, take a pouch from the container and position it between your upper lip and gum. It should fit snugly in place. This might feel a bit unusual if you’ve never used a nicotine pouch before, but most users get used to the sensation quickly.

3. Using the Pouch

Once the pouch is in place, you don’t have to do anything else. The pouch will slowly release nicotine and flavor over time. You don’t need to chew the pouch or move it around in your mouth. Just leave it in place and carry on with your normal activities. 

Shortly after you place the pouch under the upper lip, you may notice a tingling sensation under the lip. This is the feeling of the nicotine being absorbed. Depending on the flavor you choose, the feeling may be more or less intense. As an example, a sweet and fruity flavor will feel less intense than an icy mint flavor.

4. Disposing of the Pouch

After you’ve finished with the pouch, remove it from your upper lip and dispose of it responsibly. On! nicotine Pouch containers feature a storage compartment in the bottom of the container. This compartment makes it convenient to dispose of your pouch when you don’t have access to a trash can.

How Long Should I use the pouch?

The length of time you should keep an On! Nicotine Pouch under the lip can vary based on personal preference and nicotine needs. 

Most people leave the pouch in place for around 20 to 30 minutes, but you can adjust this time based on your personal preference and nicotine needs. On! Nicotine pouches come in a mini format and the contents of the pouch is more of a powder rather than a paste which is what most other brands use. This has to do with the fact that On! nicotine pouches are completely dry whereas many other brands tend to make their pouches slightly moist.

As a result of this, On! nicotine pouches tend to last for a slightly shorter period of time than other brands on the market. Therefore, the general recommendation is to use them for between 20 to 30 minutes whereas some other brands advise that you can use their pouches for up to one hour.

Still, 20 to 30 minutes is enough time to let the nicotine be released and the flavors experience.

Can I Swallow the Saliva Produced While Using the Pouch?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to swallow the saliva produced while using an On! Nicotine Pouch. The pouch is designed in such a way that the nicotine and flavorings are released slowly over time, mixing with your saliva. You don’t need to spit while using the pouch, which makes them much more discreet and convenient than many other forms of oral nicotine.

On! Nicotine Pouches are completely dry which means they have minimal drip. It’s only when you’ve used them for some time that they will begin to drip slightly as the saliva in the mouth wets the pouch. If you are not a fan of drip from nicotine pouches, On! and other dry pouches are the most ideal alternative.

What Side Effects Could I Experience?

While On! Nicotine Pouches are generally well-tolerated, some users may experience side effects. The most common side effect of nicotine pouches derives from opting for a stronger nicotine strength than you are used to. This can cause nausea and dizziness. If this happens, remove the pouch and opt for a lower nicotine strength.

If you are unsure which strength to choose, it’s better to opt for a lower nicotine strength and then increase the strength if you feel like it.

The Role of Nicotine Pouches in Smoking Cessation

It’s important to point out that nicotine pouches are not officially classified as a smoking cessation aid. For that reason, nicotine pouches can not be promoted as an aid for quitting smoking.

Still, there are plenty of examples and testimonials of people who have reported that nicotine pouches have assisted them in quitting smoking. The greatest risk of smoking products involves the inhalation of smoke and with On! Nicotine pouches, users can get their nicotine fix completely free from smoke. 

The addictive nature of cigarettes is nicotine and by opting for an alternative smoke-free nicotine alternative, On! nicotine pouches can aid in the transition to a less harmful alternative.

On! Nicotine pouches – background and history

On! Is one of the most popular brands of nicotine pouches on the market today. The brand has a particularly strong presence in the US but is available in many other markets as well.

On! Is a Swedish brand owned by Helix Sweden AB. In turn, this company is owned by the international entity, Altria. This corporation encompasses a large conglomerate of firms including Philip Morris, John Middleton, Philip Morris Capital Corporation, and Helix Innovations, to name a few. Based in Henrico County, Virginia, just a short distance from Richmond city, Altria Group, Inc. is a U.S. company. It’s recognized globally as one of the premier manufacturers and distributors of smoking products and related items.

Altria’s strategic vision extends to 2030 with the goal of responsibly guiding adult smokers towards a future free of smoke. As part of this initiative, Altria gained control of 80% of Burger Söhne Holding AG in 2019, the distributor of On! nicotine pouches. Further acquisitions by Altria’s subsidiaries were completed in December 2020 and April 2021, leading to full ownership of the international On! business, at a total cost of approximately $250 million.

Consequently, Altria created a new offshoot, Helix Innovations LLC (“Helix”). Post the acquisition of On!, Helix now serves as the parent company to Burger Group’s subsidiary, which manufactures and markets On!

On! Nicotine Pouches are amongst the most popular on the market today. They come in a mini format and in an all-white, all-dry pouch. This allows for minimal drip and a discreet nicotine experience.

Using On! Nicotine pouches is very simple. Just place a pouch under the upper lip and it will begin releasing flavor and nicotine. When you are done, you simply dispose of the pouch in the used storage compartment in the container or place it in a trash can.

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