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Which are the Most Popular Nicotine Pouches? [List & Guide]

The Most Popular Nicotine Pouch Brands

The popularity of nicotine pouches – tobacco-free snus, has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. Nicotine pouches are a relatively new product to the market, having only existed for a few years compared to traditional tobacco snus, which have been around for several hundred years.

Despite this, the popularity of nicotine pouches has grown so much that some of the most popular snus varieties in some places are actually nicotine pouches and not tobacco snus. According to the snus journal, nicotine pouches made their breakthrough in Sweden in 2017 and 2018, and since then have experienced continued strong growth. The number of sold cans of nicotine pouches increased by 88 percent in 2021.

This can of course be explained by the many advantages that nicotine pouches offer, some of which are the following:

  • Does not discolor teeth
  • Perceived as fresher
  • Available in a wider variety of flavors
  • Contains no tobacco
  • Does not taste like tobacco

In addition to a multitude of other advantages that we have gone into detail about in this article.

As the usage of nicotine pouches has increased, so has the supply. When nicotine pouches were a new product on the market, there were only a few brands and a limited selection of flavors to choose from. Today, this has grown into an array of nicotine pouches in an endless number of different flavors, nicotine strengths, and formats. This is good news for all snus users as it makes it easier to find the nicotine pouch that best suits your needs and preferences.

But what are the most popular nicotine pouches on the market? We will take a closer look at this in this article. Please note that the nicotine pouches are listed in no particular order. This is because the most popular nicotine pouches can vary based on a number of different factors, some of which are as follows:

Time of the year

The time of year can actually affect the type of nicotine pouches that people prefer. It’s not surprising that some have a preference for summery and fresh flavors such as citrus and fruit during the summer, but want something more suitable for the winter months during the winter. That being said, the popularity of different nicotine pouches can vary somewhat depending on the season.

Where you look

Of course, the popularity of nicotine pouches will vary depending on where you look. Different types of customers have different purchasing behaviors which impact the popularity of different types. For example, one customer group may be more likely to shop online than others, causing certain types to be more overrepresented in online sales compared to physical retail. Furthermore, densely populated cities like metropolitan areas may generally have a preference for specific types, causing them to be more popular due to the higher population density. However, in rural areas, that same type might not be a top seller at all.

Potential News

When new products are released, many people are curious and eager to try them out. The excitement of new varieties and flavors draws people to purchase these new products to see if they will become their new favorites.

As a result, new products may be the best-selling nicotine pouches for a while, but once the “novelty factor” wears off and all those who were curious have tried it, the popularity of the product may decrease. New products tend to be most popular at the beginning, right after they are launched, which applies to most products and not just nicotine pouches.

Different Limited Editions

At times, some manufacturers release what are known as “limited edition” or restricted releases. These are varieties that are only available in the market for a limited period of time or in limited quantities.

When it comes to restricted releases, they are even more time-sensitive than new releases that are here to stay. As a result, these may be top-selling for a certain period of time, which can explain why they are the most popular, regardless of whether the market considers it to be the best and tastiest variety.

Examples of this include, for instance, VELO Tomorrowland Limited Edition and Velo Wild Lavender Summer Edition 2022.

Most Popular Nicotine Pouches

VOLT Frosted Apple Extra Strong

VOLT Frosted Apple has a fresh taste of green apples combined with a cooling taste of mint and a hint of vanilla. For those who prefer a weaker alternative, Volt Frosted Apple is also available in nicotine strength 3, strong. VOLT frosted apple has a very fresh and invigorating flavor with a certain tartness that can be experienced from crisp green apples. In other words, it is easy to understand why this nicotine pouch is so popular.

VOLT Zesty Citrus Extra Strong

The VOLT zesty citrus flavor tastes exactly as its name suggests – citrus. It has clear hints of lemon and lime, with a touch of citrus peel. If you enjoy a nicotine pouch with a fresh and fruity flavor, then this is definitely something for you.

Zesty citrus has a crisp and refreshing taste that is neither too sweet nor too sour. It has a really good balance and is a flavor that you won’t tire of.

ZYN Mini Black Cherry 3mg

ZYN Mini has long been a popular choice for the discreet nicotine pouch user. In addition, ZYN Mini comes in a dry format, which means they are virtually dry and thus minimally drippy. ZYN Mini Black Cherry has a flavor of black cherries, in addition to cherry, you also have hints of forest berries and vanilla.

Two reviews from users of this nicotine pouch say the following: “If you like cherries, you won’t be disappointed!”, “Incredibly dry beads with a good taste. Not too sweet.”

ZYN Mini Black Cherry 6mg

For those who enjoy the taste of cherries but prefer a stronger option, ZYN black cherry is a good choice. This nicotine pouch comes with a strength of 6mg. It has a fresh taste of black cherries with hints of forest berries and vanilla, without being too sweet.

ZYN Mini Gold 3mg

The ZYN Mini Gold features a nicotine strength of 3mg and is available in ZYN’s mini-format, which is highly discreet and minimizes the risk of dripping. The flavor profile of ZYN Mini Gold is comprised of tobacco and hints of dried fruit, wood, and caramel. It is inspired by tobacco and is described by Swedish Match as having a rounded character with a flavor of air-dried leaves and hints of cedar. Many tobacco snus users have switched to using nicotine pouches for various reasons, including a desire for a tobacco-free alternative. However, this does not mean that the taste of tobacco must be forsaken. The flavor is not a sharp and strong tobacco taste, but rather an underlying tone of tobacco that does not overpower. One should not expect the flavor of a classic tobacco snus, but the underlying tones will certainly hint at the taste of tobacco.

ZYN Mini Gold is also available in a stronger alternative, known as “strong,” which has a nicotine content of 6mg.

VOLT Pearls Twisted Berry

In 2022, VOLT launched an innovative nicotine pouch utilizing Pearls Technology. This new technology features small pearls instead of a powder, providing a unique experience under the lip and enabling a better fit. Additionally, the flavor and nicotine are located on the outside of the pearls, resulting in a quicker release of both taste and nicotine. Among the various Pearls nicotine pouches, VOLT Pearls Twisted berries is the most popular. This pouch has a flavor of strawberries with a cooling twist, described by Swedish Match as “a taste of red berries and vanilla.” It boasts a well-balanced combination of sweetness from sun-ripened berries and the coolness of mint.

Some of the reviews of VOLT Pearls Twisted Berry are as follows: “Absolutely wonderful taste and feels fun under the lip with small pearls. The taste lasts for a long time and the drippiness is minimal.”
“Great taste!”

VELO Ice Cool Mint

Velo is one of the most popular brands in the nicotine pouch market, and Velo Ice Cool Mint is their most sought-after option. As one of the first brands in the nicotine pouch market, Velo has successfully established itself as a highly popular brand. Velo Ice Cool Mint (formerly known as Lyft Ice Cool Mint prior to rebranding) is one of the most iconic mint-flavored nicotine pouches.

It boasts a fresh and intense mint flavor with sweet undertones, providing a revitalizing experience. For those who enjoy mint-flavored nicotine pouches, this classic is a foolproof choice.


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