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Nicotine Strength in Nicotine Pouches [Complete Guide]

Nicotine pouches

The nicotine strength is one of the most important things that differentiate different nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches come in a variety of nicotine strengths that are denoted in different ways. The wide range of nicotine pouches with different nicotine strengths can sometimes be confusing.

Some manufacturers use labels such as “strong” or “extra strong” while other manufacturers use “dots” to describe the strength of the pouches. In this article, we clear up everything you need to know about nicotine strength in smokeless tobacco and what you should consider when making your choice.

Nicotine strength in nicotine pouches

It is not only the amount of nicotine that nicotine pouches contain that affects the experience and the “nicotine buzz” you get. In fact, several different factors in addition to the nicotine content can affect this. What is most interesting is actually how much nicotine is absorbed from the pouch. And this, in turn, will affect your experience.

Swedish Match has an example between Catch Dry Licorice Mini, which has a nicotine content of 1.5% and General White a nicotine content of 0.8%.

At the same time, Swedish Match classifies both of these products as having normal strength. This is because the amount of nicotine is not always the same as the perceived nicotine strength and experience. This is important to note as many manufacturers base the strength on the perceived nicotine content and not always strictly according to the nicotine content. Let’s look at some of the factors that affect the perceived nicotine content.

Factors that affect the perceived nicotine strength in a pouch

There are several factors that affect the perceived nicotine content in a pouch. Not least the taste but also the moisture. The more moist a portion is, the more nicotine is absorbed. This means that dry snus can contain more nicotine but still be perceived as equally strong as moist nicotine pouches that are not “strong”.

Generally, nicotine pouches are drier than traditional tobacco snus and this means that these often can contain more nicotine. However, it does not mean that all nicotine is absorbed. It often has to do with compensating for the drier pouches. In fact, it is normally only 10-20% of the nicotine that is absorbed when using a pouch.

Another factor that affects the perceived nicotine content is the pH value. The higher the pH value of a pouch, the more nicotine is absorbed. The shape of the pouch also affects the specified strength. For example, a slim pouch often contains approximately the same amount of nicotine as a mini-sized pouch that is classified as Strong or Extra Strong.

However, the proportion of nicotine in each pouch is larger since the pouches come in a mini format. Last but not least, how often and how long you have snus also affects the perceived nicotine content. In general, it can be said that the more experienced users can and prefer to snus stronger pouches to get the same effect. A novice user, on the other hand, can experience “light” pouches with a lower nicotine content as strong.

Different nicotine strengths

Different nicotine pouches come with different nicotine strengths. Knowing the differences between these is important in finding the perfect pouch for you. If you choose a pouch that is too strong, you may feel dizzy and negatively affect your snus experience.

To get maximum enjoyment, you want to find the nicotine strength that is right for you. Let’s take a closer look at the different nicotine strengths available in nicotine pouches. As mentioned before, there are more factors than just the nicotine content that affect how manufacturers classify their snus, which explains why there can be different classifications of strength even if the nicotine content is the same.

Manufacturers often use a “pouch” system on a scale from 4 to 5 pouches. Since the scale may vary between manufacturers, for example, one manufacturer may have one pouch, while another manufacturer may have two, even if the nicotine content is the same. The amount of nicotine is calculated in nicotine mg per gram or mg/pouch. The higher the nicotine amount, the higher the nicotine strength.


All-white snus or nicotine pouches are available as nicotine-free alternatives. This means that the pouches do not contain any nicotine at all. These are often chosen by individuals who want to quit snus or reduce their snus use.

0.1-6mg/g nicotine: Light/low (one or two dots)

Nicotine pouches with nicotine strength “light” are snus with the lowest nicotine content. These generally contain between 0.1-6mg of nicotine. This strength is suitable for people who are not used to snuffing nicotine pouches and do not want a strong nicotine buzz.

7 – 9.9 Mg/g nicotine: Normal nicotine strength (two or three dots)

The absolute most common nicotine strength for tobacco-free snus is the “normal” strength. Normal nicotine strength typically contains 7-9.9mg/g. This nicotine content is appreciated by many as it provides a pleasant experience without an overly strong nicotine buzz.

Normal-strength nicotine pouches often suit everyday use. Due to normal nicotine strength being the most popular, there are also the most nicotine pouches available with this strength. Normal-strength nicotine pouches come in an enormous range of prills, flavors, and brands.

10-15mg/g nicotine: Strong (Three dots)

The nicotine strength is roughly 10-15mg/g. This is a suitable choice for those who think normal strength pouches are a bit too weak. Experienced users may prefer stronger snus for everyday use. Less experienced snus users may sometimes opt for stronger pouches to break up the monotony and get an extra buzz.

15.1-35mg/g Extra strong/Super strong (Four or five dots)

Extra Strong or X-Strong are the absolute strongest nicotine pouches that contain the most nicotine. Generally, these nicotine pouches are very strong and are primarily suited for experienced snus users.

Nicotine pouches in this nicotine category also tend to be experienced as strong even by experienced snus users. Extra strong nicotine pouches normally have a nicotine content between 15.1-35mg/g and are classified with four or five plugs (depending on the manufacturer’s classification system).


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