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8 Things to Know About Nicotine Pouches – Facts about Nicotine Pouches

nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are a relatively new product on the market. On the other hand, classic tobacco snus has existed for several hundred years. Technically, nicotine pouches are a product development of tobacco snus, and with this in mind, one can say that nicotine pouches have their roots far back in time.

However, since nicotine pouches in their modern form have only emerged on the market in recent years, many are not fully familiar with this product. Are you curious to learn more about nicotine pouches and what they are?

Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we go through some interesting things to know about nicotine pouches.

1. Nicotine pouches are free from tobacco

Although tobacco snus and nicotine pouches resemble each other in many ways, this is an important difference. Nicotine pouches are completely tobacco-free and instead use plant fiber in the pouches. This makes the pouches stay white before, during, and after use. This also means that they do not discolor your teeth as tobacco snus does. Furthermore, there are more benefits to not containing tobacco, including not causing bad breath, a wider range of flavors, and being perceived as fresher.

2. Nicotine pouches can be used anytime, anywhere

An important advantage of nicotine pouches is their convenience.

Nicotine pouches are one of the most practical nicotine products on the market to use for this reason.

Some of the downsides of other nicotine pouches include:

  • You have to go outside to smoke, regardless of weather and temperature.
  • You walk around smelling of smoke.
  • You have to interrupt what you’re doing to smoke.
  • You can’t smoke indoors.
  • It can be perceived as disrespectful when you step away from a conversation or meeting to smoke.

What makes nicotine pouches so convenient is that they can be used anytime, anywhere. Open the can, insert the pouch under your lip, and get back to what you were doing. You can use nicotine pouches on a plane, in the car, on the train, in the office. Simply anywhere, anytime. That’s why it’s a very convenient option to get your nicotine fix.

3. Snus is banned in the EU except in Sweden, but not nicotine pouches

Tobacco snus is completely banned throughout the EU with the exception of Sweden. This ban on snus has been in place since 1992. Snus has a long tradition and history in Sweden and a large proportion of Swedes use snus on a daily basis.

In 1995, when Sweden was about to join the EU, the European Union tried to ban snus in Sweden as well. However, this did not go through as Sweden argued that there was a risk that Swedes would vote against the proposal to join the EU in a referendum. Given that the proportion of snus users in Sweden was 16% in 2004 and even higher in 1995, there was a real risk that Swedes would vote down the proposal to join the EU if the future of snus was threatened. By joining the EU, Sweden committed to only selling snus within Sweden and not exporting it to other EU countries. However, Sweden was allowed to continue to sell snus to countries outside the EU as they were not subject to EU regulations.

When it comes to nicotine pouches, however, the rules are completely different. Since nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco, they are not classified as snus and are therefore not banned within the EU. As the popularity of nicotine pouches has increased, so has it in many other EU countries as well. For many, snus is unknown, but nicotine pouches are becoming increasingly common in a number of EU countries such as Germany, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

4. Snus and nicotine pouches are not the same

Even though some use the term “snus” to refer to nicotine pouches as well, they are not the same thing, even though there are several similarities.

To clarify that it refers to nicotine pouches and not tobacco snus, terms such as white snus, all white snus, tobacco-free snus, and all white snus are used.

Nicotine pouches are used in the same way as snus, that is, placed under the lip where they release flavor and nicotine. But the most crucial difference is that nicotine pouches are completely free of tobacco, unlike snus.

Nicotine pouches primarily contain plant fiber, filler, nicotine, filler, and several other ingredients to preserve flavor and durability.

Nicotine pouches have grown in popularity explosively in recent years, reflecting the benefits that many users consider nicotine pouches to have over snus. They don’t stain teeth, they’re perceived as fresher, they don’t taste like tobacco, they come in a wide range of flavors and strengths, and they are completely tobacco-free, which many seek.

5. Nicotine pouches can be used completely discretely

Nicotine pouches are placed under the lip and are completely discreet during use. If you want an even more discreet option that is not visible when you have it under your lip, you can choose a mini-sized pouch. Unlike smoking where everyone knows that you smoke and can be bothered by things such as smoke smell and having to go away to smoke, nicotine pouches do not affect the environment at all. In fact, the environment doesn’t even need to know that you are using them.

You can easily and discreetly insert a nicotine pouch under your lip without anyone noticing and then discreetly remove it when you are done. With the top lid on the can, you can also dispose of the pouch without having to place it in a trash can.

6. Nicotine pouches exist in a wide array of nicotine strength

Nicotine pouches come in a wide range of nicotine strengths, commonly referred to as nicotine strength. Some manufacturers only specify the nicotine strength based on the amount of nicotine used, while others may specify the nicotine strength based on the nicotine experience. This is due to the fact that the amount of nicotine in a pouch is not the only factor affecting the nicotine experience (more on this in the next point).

The nicotine strength is most commonly presented on the can with “dots” or numbers. The scale varies between 1 to 4 or 1 to five (printed in dots or numbers).

The advantage of the different nicotine strengths is that it makes it easy for you to find a nicotine pouch that suits you and your needs. Generally, more experienced users of nicotine pouches use something stronger than less experienced users due to the fact that they are building up a tolerance to nicotine.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you choose a weaker nicotine strength and then go up in strength if you feel you want something stronger. Otherwise, the risk is that you choose a too-strong nicotine strength that makes you feel dizzy and nauseous, which negatively affects your experience.

7. The nicotine strength is not the only thing that affects your nicotine experience

Did you know that the nicotine strength is not the only factor that affects your nicotine experience? In fact, a nicotine pouch with a lower nicotine content may actually be perceived as stronger than a nicotine pouch with a higher nicotine content.

This is because the nicotine content is not the only factor that affects your nicotine experience.

In addition to nicotine strength, the moisture content and pH value of the pouch are central factors that affect your experience. A more moist pouch will release nicotine faster and more effectively than a drier nicotine pouch. That’s why it’s important to know that you should not just look at the nicotine strength.

8. Nicotine pouches are cheaper than smoking and tobacco snus

Nicotine pouches are cheaper than smoking and often even cheaper than nicotine pouches. It is clear that nicotine pouches are significantly cheaper than cigarettes but they can also be cheaper than snus depending on the type you buy. Not all nicotine pouches are cheaper than all snus, but the lowest price you can find a can of nicotine pouches for is definitely cheaper than the lowest price you can find a can of snus for. For this reason, switching to nicotine pouches from other options can be a way to reduce your costs. Switching from smoking to nicotine pouches in particular can save you thousands of dollars every month. This is especially true if you buy your nicotine pouches online, which is significantly cheaper than buying them in-store.


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