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On Which Side Should You Place Nicotine Pouches?

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Nicotine pouches are placed orally at the upper lip and used for up to 60 minutes. When you’re done, you take out the pouch and put it in the trash or on the top of the can.

But what side should you place the nicotine pouch on?

When you put a nicotine pouch under your lip, you probably haven’t thought much about which side you put it on. It has likely gone completely automatically without you thinking about which side you are putting it on.

This has probably made you ask yourself: which side should I use the nicotine pouch? And does it matter?

Nicotine pouches and classic tobacco snus are used in exactly the same way, so this article applies to snus, not just nicotine pouches.

Which side should I put the nicotine pouch on?

The answer to that question is that it doesn’t matter. The pouch should be placed on either the right or left side, not “in the middle” because there is a string that goes between the upper lip and the gum. For this reason, it’s not comfortable to put the pouch there, but it’s also not an ideal location because it will be more noticeable when you have the pouch under your lip.

The most comfortable (and correct) place is on either the right or left side. However, it is entirely up to you which side you choose.

Typically, it goes completely automatically and you insert a pouch where it feels comfortable. So there is no right or wrong here.

Right-handed people usually use the right side and vice versa for left-handed people

Right-handed people usually insert the pouch with their right hand. This makes it most natural to place the pouch on the right side. Conversely, left-handed people use their left hand and often place the pouch on the left side.

Having said that, there are many right-handed people who use the left side and vice versa, but this is an explanation for why many people use nicotine pouches on a certain side without thinking about why.

Many nicotine pouch users vary the side

Many snus users and nicotine pouch users usually vary the side they place the pouch on. One reason for this is that the pouch tends to “feel” less when you have been using the same side for a long time. By then placing the pouch on the other side, you can get a greater experience of the pouch, for example, feel more of a sting from a pouch with a mint flavor.

Another reason why many vary the side they use for the nicotine pouch is to put less strain on the gums. When the pouch is under the lip, it can create some friction between the pouch and the gum. This can be noticed if you have used many pouches in one day and used them on the same side. To put less strain and give the upper lip a little rest, it can be good to vary and place the pouch on the other side from time to time.

A matter of habit and what you are most comfortable with

On which side you place the nicotine pouch is a habit and often has to do with which side you started using it. What you are accustomed to is also usually the most comfortable. The most important thing is that you use it on the side that feels best and gives you the best experience.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to the side you place your pouch on. The most important thing is that you use it on the side you are most comfortable with. If you have only used one side for a long time, it may feel unnatural to place the pouch on the other side. Many do not think about which side they use because it goes on automatically. This has a lot to do with whether they are left-handed or right-handed as this affects which side they are most likely to place the pouch on.

However, it can be good to break the habit by changing the side you use occasionally to give your upper lip some rest and recovery from the friction and impact that the pouch can have on the gum and lip.


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