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Do On! Nicotine Pouches have Sugar?

Do On! Nicotine Pouches have Sugar?

Many nicotine pouches, including On! Nicotine pouches have sweet flavors to make the flavors more appealing and enjoyable. This naturally begs the question about whether On! Nicotine pouches have sugar in them or not. 

In this article, we will sort out the answer to this question.

On! Ingredients

The ingredients list in On! Nicotine pouches is as follows:

Filler (E460, E965), acidity regulator (E500), flavourings, nicotine salt, humectant (E422), stabilizer (E1201), sweetener (E950). Depending on the flavor, they may also contain peppermint oil.

As you can see, there is no sugar in On! nicotine pouches or any other nicotine pouches for that matter. Nicotine pouches do not use sugar, instead they use sweetener to give them a sweeter flavor.

The reason nicotine pouches do not contain sugar is that it is bad for the teeth. Most people use nicotine pouches during the whole day. For that reason, constantly exposing your teeth to sugar would greatly increase the risk of cavities and tooth decay. It is therefore better to use other alternatives, like artificial sweeteners to give the pouches a sweet flavor but without the risks of negatively affecting the teeth.

Most nicotine pouches contain sweeteners

To make nicotine pouches more enjoyable and give them a more delicious flavor, the vast majority of nicotine pouches on the market have sweeteners. The sweetener contributes to making a flavor that is more enjoyable and more rounded compared to if it would not be used. But the bottom line is that no nicotine pouches use sugar to achieve a sweet flavor due to the fact that it would have a negative effect on the teeth.

In the study ”High-Intensity Sweeteners in Alternative Tobacco Products”, it was concluded that all snus samples n their study contained sucralose and most also aspartame, but no saccharin. In comparison, traditional tobacco snus, known as moist snuff, contained saccharin. (Source)


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