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Which is the Strongest ZYN?

ZYN nicotine pouches

ZYN is one of the leading brands of nicotine pouches on the market today. It is also one of the oldest brands of nicotine pouches.

ZYN was first launched in the US in around 2015 and later launched in the rest of the world in December 2016. ZYN nicotine pouches are manufactured by Swedish Match, the largest manufacturer of Swedish tobacco snus in the world. That said, Swedish Match has a long history of making oral nicotine pouches and was therefore able to create an exceptionally high-quality product thanks to its know-how in this space.

Upon the global launch of ZYN in December 2016, ZYN was already sold in about 4,000 stores in eleven states in the USA, which is a testament to the brand’s early success. Since then, ZYN has evolved a lot and the brand is only growing stronger each year. In fact, ZYN is by far the company with the largest market share in the US – and it’s widely popular globally as well.

Upon the global launch of ZYN, Michaela Bergström, Brand Manager for ZYN at Swedish Match said the following:

”ZYN has been well received in the US and we now want to do a limited launch and see how this product is received by our consumers in the Swedish market. ZYN complements our snus range and offers a product for adults who are looking for an alternative to the products currently on the nicotine market, such as e-cigarettes or traditional snus with tobacco content”

The good news is that over the years, ZYN has consistently expanded and improved its offering as the popularity has grown and the competition has gotten tougher. The two main areas where nicotine pouches vary are flavor and nicotine strength. However with the growing product assortment, it can be difficult to keep track of all the offerings from each brand.

This brings us to the key focus of this article: which is the strongest ZYN? That is, which is the ZYN with the highest nicotine strength?

Which is the strongest ZYN?

Most nicotine pouch brands, including ZYN, offer a wide selection of nicotine strengths to cater to every preference. The nicotine strengths can vary across manufacturers. For example, some brands focus on making exceptionally strong pouches whereas other brands focus more on flavor and moderate nicotine strengths that cater to a wider audience.

In terms of nicotine strengths, ZYN is somewhere in between. More established manufacturers consider it somewhat unethical and brand-damaging to make nicotine pouches with exceptionally high nicotine strengths because it’s not very good for you and may cause nicotine poisoning (in the worst case). That said, ZYN sits somewhere in between by offering low, normal, and strong nicotine strengths – but not exceptionally strong.

ZYN uses the following categories for nicotine strengths:

  • Low
  • Normal
  • Strong
  • Extra Strong
  • Super strong

It’s important to point out that nicotine strength is not the same as nicotine experience. For example, a strong nicotine pouch may feel equally strong as a normal-strength nicotine pouch due to several different factors.

For example, moist pouches tend to create a more rapid nicotine release which makes the perceived nicotine experience stronger than for a dry pouch which releases nicotine more slowly. Moreover, flavor and pH levels can impact the intensity of the experience.

But if we are going to focus on nicotine content, the ZYN nicotine pouches with the highest nicotine strength are:

  • ZYN Slim Strong: 9mg nicotine per pouch
  • ZYN Mini Dry Super Strong: 9mg nicotine per pouch
  • ZYN Cool Mini Dry Extra Strong: 6m nicotine per pouch

Therefore, the short answer to the question is that the strongest ZYN contains 9mg of nicotine per pouch. Note that ZYN slim “Strong” has the same nicotine content as ZYN mini dry “super strong”. That said, the brand uses different terms for slim and mini dry.


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