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Loop Jalapeno Lime [Review]

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In addition to the more traditional flavors such as mint, coffee, and apple, Loop stands out with its Jalapeno Lime flavor. The distinctive green can, with Jalapeno prominently written across it, coupled with the red contrasts, presents a visually pleasing sight to the eyes, and once placed beneath the lip, it does not disappoint either.


Similar to other Loop nicotine pouches, the pouch is adequately moist, the consistency feels solid, yet pleasantly fine, and filled just enough so as not to be perceived as too large under the lip. As a bonus, Loop happens to be one of the manufacturers that offer the most nicotine pouches in a can.


The fragrance when the can is opened is delightful, and a clear scent of “heat”, or rather, strong jalapeno with a touch of citrus fruit immediately strikes one. As Jalapeno Lime distinguishes itself as a unique nicotine pouch that stands out from the crowd, unfortunately, the scent gives off a slight impression of being chemical, but not in any way that makes the nicotine pouch uncomfortable to use.


Loop has succeeded in creating the flavor very well, and what might initially give the impression of being best suited for food, actually works perfectly as a nicotine pouch under the lip. The taste of Jalapeno and Lime is clear, and a certain heat is felt beneath the lip, which is very pleasant. The flavor is enjoyable and persists throughout the use of the nicotine pouch, but naturally decreases progressively, even though the flavor one hour in is very clear.


Fortunately, Jalapeno Lime as a flavor of Loop is available in two different strengths, extra strong (4/4) and Strong (3/4) in full format. It is also available in mini-format and is offered in strength 2/4.


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